Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Worst Ad Awards

I take a look at some of the ads which are...Yuk. Plain Yuk. Lack of creativity or the theme chosen, reasons don't matter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Winner is the "Jumbo dumb Tata Indica Xeta car Ad."

1. After seeing the Tata Safari and the Sumo Victa ads, I thought the Tata Motors guys had hired a great ad agency. The Tata Indica Xeta ad, however, makes me rethink.

4 dumb girls ask an even more dumber guy for help in lotioning them! (the lyrics are quite good though, in a way!) The ad is supposed to convey that sometimes you don't get a second chance, but here is another chance to buy the "improved" Indica. I will neither take the girls nor the car. Maybe I am the dumbest.

Now for the Number two award, This goes to country Club for the most "hairy" ad.

2. Saving money for advertising is ok, but this really takes the cake. Who wants to see a 40+ guy in shorts (maybe he is younger, I don't know) parachuting down onto a beach? The CEO of Country Club thinks he is revolutionize the ad world. If he really wanted to save a few pennies, he could have shown the wonders of his club minus himself.

To top it, CC offers members plots in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I guess the fine print will show that this comes with a bonus - You get some "Tigers" in your backyard.

If you have your nominations for these ads, send them to me. We'll have a category-based award nite next.

Requests for "cultural performances" are also being taken. Rush in with your requests. The only criteria is that the performers should keep in mind that the theme for this Award Nite would always be "Less is More" This applies not to the Food and Drink, but to the clothes you wear for the performance.


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