Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Screen is mightier than the Pen

Its been a couple of weeks since I posted. Lack of good things to talk about. You wonder? considering that all newspapers (at least the top ones) do decent sales? I have become so jaded by the repetitions that I have become de-sensitized to the violence and negativity that surrounds me.

I however could not resist talking about this - DVC remains one of the best books I have read. Coming from me, thats impressive, if I say so myself. I have been waiting for the movie ever since I heard about the idea.

Today, the Bombay High court will decide if I still retain the freedom to watch the most-waited fro movie of the Year, The DVC.

In a country where the book has been a rage, banning a movie may look strange, but is enlightening in another way!

It makes it obvious that the The Screen is mightier than the Pen, which is, in turn,mightier than the Sword.

Is faith so much on shaky ground that it needs to defend itself against a film that questions some beliefs rather than depict Christianity in some indecent way?

The criticism of the movie makes me wonder if the film is a faithful representation of the book or it has added some gory details that make it less palatable to its critics.

If only we can have a "Demo" version for such films!


Blogger megha said...

Ok..First things first...I see that you have added the link to my blog...Thank you *bows humbly*

About DVC...well...I didn't like the novel (that was for a different reason nothing to do with the religious stuff)..But yes, I guess we have to grow up and broaden our mindset...I dont think our faith is so shallow that it can be uprooted easily..So, why not screen the movie...Afterall, all of us can enjoy Tom Hanks on the screen!! :-)

June 10, 2006 12:31 AM  

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