Friday, May 04, 2007

Overdue Blog posts

I have been quite amiss in posting here for sometime now. Part of which (psst, the only reason, actually) has been sheer laziness. In fact, I have not posted anything on my recent trip to Switzerland (I had planned on writing a travel log), nor my trudges into the woods near my place in Germany.

Photos, though, have been posted in my Flickr account (see my flickr-badge in this blog). Hopefully, I will come out of the limbo and write something, although the fingers on one hand would still be too much a number to count the regular readers of this blog.

Ravi and Sid, on the other hand, seem to have some creative juices flowing, although I wouldn't wonder about that in Sid's case - He is supposedly the "Creative Shocker" and from what I read in his blog, could become a good screenwriter for Bollywood/Tollywood films (for his great people characterization skills, lol).

What I like about these guys (and many others, which I unfortunately seem to lack) is their ability to create a blog post on everyday occurrences. Must have been Income Tax guys in previous lives - getting something out of nothing...

See ya

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