Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top 10 Reasons: A Case for restoring Monarchy in India

I was watching some old films recently and I couldn't help wondering about the systems of Government in the old times and now.

Most kings and queens, at least in India, held their royalty as a kind of service to the people, although there have been monarchs on the other side too. We have come to view concentration of power in a single person as the most dangerous thing that can happen to a group of people.
I agree. Examples abound in history and present of bloodthirsty kings. But then, is our current system any better?

Maybe yes, because of the fact that we can choose whom we want, but I feel we have degenerated as a society to the point where honest people do not look upon politics as a profession or a way of service.

Lets assume for a moment that we revert to being a Kingdom (apologies to the feminist crowd here) AND we get a line of rulers who are benevolent monarchs. What would happen?

Top 10 lists are the fad now among blogs, so I will list my reasons in the same format:

1. We can be sure that the country will not split into chaotic city states.No more Chhatisgarhs, Telenganas, Nagas...
2. Delegation of power will mean just that - it will not become "Lets divide the land. You rule there, I will rule here".
3. We can easily counter corruption, although we may not be able to completely remove it.
4. Justice for the wronged can be immediate, instead of waiting for eternity. Escalations paths clearly defined.
5. No incentive for rowdy-sheeters and hiding behind under corrupt politicians.
6. The police can do their jobs, without fear of transfers and suspensions. They will not have to stand guard for people who have to make a visit to the bathroom.
7. No more elections and the associated rigging, demands for contributions for "Election funds" and more importantly, the cost of conducting elections.
8. No Unions who will strike and march on the slightest pretext.
9. No votebank politics, so no communal clashes.
10. A single military policy that doesn't change with Governments.

[You may think up more, but since this is a Top 10 list, I will stop here]

I know, there is no guarantee of "benevolent" monarchs, true, but do we really have good
politicians in democracies? We have to choose between two or more evils, none of whom really
care about the country.


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