Monday, January 02, 2006

Are we cowards at heart?


Wish you a happy New Year, although I am feeling little morose myself. Pardon me if I ramble a little, which is certainly not due to an influence of alcohol.

I saw a man selling birds and rabbits in cages (I think it is a violation of law or atleast a sense of morality). I was outraged, but didn't have the courage to confront that man myself. I am now ashamed to look at myself in the mirror thinking that I would report this to some conservation group and let them take the man to task. All of us are brave when we are the head of a large crowd. I am inclined to think that even after millions of evolution, primitive fears still lurk in use, that individually, we are cowards. I guess there might be some respectable theory on this somewhere.

I am thinking it might be interesting to see if any of the "man with a cause" (forgive me for being politically incorrect) would still be with the "cause" if all the people marching behind him disappeared. How many activists and journalists would work alone if there were no organization behind them? On a different note, how many of the culture police, rebels and terrorists would continue their activities if exposed and no one comes forward to cover up for them? I think we would all flinch as if our clothes had been torn and we are left naked in public.

I guess in the heart of man, the flame of survival still beats strong.

Coming back to the topic, I am not letting my lack of courage bother me much. I will still report this, but I am going to make sure that something gets done.

May this year herald a new era of peace and prosperity.

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