Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ordering Pizza? Read the rants of a Pizza Delivery guy

While browsing through some interesting questions on Yahoo Answers, I came across a question on "tipping".

The answers were intesresting and as i started exploring the links stumbled upon this interesting page -

Read this to understand the "other" side of the story - the complaints the delivery guys have against the customers.

To avoid any grumbling, tip them more!!!

In a restaurant, I generally tip only if the waiter/waitress has been polite and patient while we decide whether to order "Malai Kofta" or "Panner Butter Masala" with my "naan"! Of course, if we are to serve ourselves the "Biryani" with one hand, I never, ever tip.

For a delivery, I generally do tip, but again, it depends on the guy. If he does it as if its a job, then he is getting paid for it anyway!


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