Monday, September 18, 2006

The Mad Morning Rush

The morning has been a disaster. We woke up late, very late, in fact. Rain outside made us draw the blankets closer to us and sleep on blissfully, ignoring the shrill shrieking of the alarms (yes, multiple alarms!!! Lazy folks...). Suddenly, the time was 7:00 AM. In another half-an-hour, I had to be at the bus stop waiting for the interminable ride to office.

We experienced a mad rush that has not happened in a long time. First, I put some toothpaste on some ancient toothbrush that had somehow evaded my wife. Then I dropped some more toothpaste in trying to balance the mug and the brushes. finally, the morning rituals were done.

Then I was crying about the ironed clothes, which turned out to be in my in-laws home and which we had forgottent to bring the previous night. A mad scramble ensued, when my wife declared that it was my problem and refused to help me (she also had to get ready). Luckily, I had finished my bath, so a defeat was avoided there ;)

In all this commotion, she had forgotten about the milk that she had set for boiling on the stove. When I came out wearing some clothes (?), I heard a noise from the kitchen and found black milk throwing out so much smoke to warrant a vist from the fire brigade. The vessel also had joined the fire, I guess and hence the smoke was too much to bear. I proceeded rapidly to get the cup of coffee and promptly spilled it!

My morning cup of coffee, the elixir and fuel was gone, and my cup of woes was filled! A look at the clock was the last straw that broke my back (and no, I am not a camel). The bus would have merrily passed my bust stop a few minutes back.

Rummaging through cupboard brought forth some dusty socks, then the shoes with the laces still on and I was ready, head hanging for having missed the proverbial bus.

Finally, through a set of different transports - RTC Bus, auto and finally my own office bus (which I miraculously boarded at about 3/4ths of the distance covered), I reached office more or less on time.

All this "hurrying" when my daughter was not in the house. I am imagining the scene when she goes to school at 8 AM. I wonder what will happen when there are two kids.

I have decided to build bathrooms for each of us, complete with all facilities such as mirrors and combs.


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