Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in Karlsruhe

Depressed, angry and lonely.

Those 3 words summarize how I feel right now. Depressed that I am not travelling to India tomorrow as planned, angry about the stupid service provider who is the main reason for this delay and lonely as there is no one to even talk to here.

Its cold and forbidding to step outside the house. So, you can imagine how i feel cooped up in addition to the adjectives mentioned!!!

What really bugs me is that these so called international companies do not have a simple helpline or even a reliable phone support. All my emails through their web-based contact form are lost in their inboxes. Worldbridge must be the worst service provider and I am not sure how they were selected. They charge a whopping $14 to provide information over the phone!!!

Anyway, some pics for those of you who are still interested in them.

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